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David and Dania:

Quick Change

The world’s #1 quick change act!

David & Dania puzzle an audience with their flashing costume transformations which happen in fractions of a second. Featured on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” “America’s Got Talent,” “Ellen DeGeneres” and more than 100 TV shows worldwide!

What Our Clients Say

Katy Perry’s Costume Changes

If you’ve ever seen Katy Perry perform live, you may have noticed her amazingly fast costume changes. The secret behind her lightning-fast dressing up and dressing down? That would be David and Dania!  Katy Perry trusted this amazing duo to create one of the most visual aspects of her entire tour.

David & Dania are the world's #1 quick change act!

They have performed for the world's leading meeting and event planners

David & Dania have performed for US presidents and the Queen of England!

Don't accept any substitute. David and Dania are the ORIGINAL quick change act!

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